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M.S. Mason, "Ceremonial Masks Return Home“
Christian Science Monitor, P.14.
June 12, 1991

Rita Reif, "Two Masks Go Home"
The New York Times, Sec. C.
July 12, 1991

Linda Lehrer, "Returning a Gift; One Not-So-Small Gesture to Right the Past"
Chicago Tribune, Sec. 6, Women’s News.
July 28, 1991

"Indian Art at Auction Shows Market Strength -- and One Buyer's Character"
August/September 1991

Amei Wallach, "No More Auction Block for 'Life Spirit”
The New York Newsday, Interview
November 7, 1991

Rita Reif, "Antiques/1991; Baseball Cards and Beyond. It Was That Kind of a Year In the Art Market"
The New York Times
December 29, 1991

“Three Voices for Repatriation”
Museum News
September/October 1992
In this section you'll find videos of some of Dr. Sackler's speaking engagements.
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