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Dear Friends,

The late Michael Haney was on airorf's board of trustees from 1993 - 2005.  In addition to his work for the return of ceremonial material home, Michael fought tirelessly and vociferously to put a stop to the use of derogatory names on sports teams.

I think of him now and know this is, in part, his victory.

Elizabeth Sackler


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Christie's To Return Cambodian Statue
The New York Times | May 7, 2014

Yet another ancient statue looted in the 1970s from a single remote temple in the jungles of Cambodia has turned up in the United States, this time at Christie's, which is voluntarily paying to return it to it's homeland.

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Selling a Fake Painting Takes More Than a Good Artist
The New York Times | May 3, 2014

The recent arrest in Spain of two brothers accused of passing off forged paintings as the work of America's greatest Modernist masters has refocused attention on the people behind an art fraud that has lasted 15 years, garnered $80 million and helped bring down New York's oldest gallery, Knoedler & Company.

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Vision of Hope
The New York Times | April 20, 2014

The ruins of the ancient Greek city of Morgantina sit high on a hill in eastern Sicilu. There are cherry trees, wildflowers and total stillness, save for the sound of bird song.

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